LOCOLINC® is the preferred control system for model railroaders who want the freedom to independently control as many locomotives and track accessories as they want, without cumbersome and expensive bus and track wiring schemes.

This is control at its finest and easiest:

  • Individually addressable, wireless control
  • Control of up to 64 locomotives and 256 switches
  • Real time sound control
  • Individual and multiple-switch control
  • Track power or battery power
  • All scales N through G
  • See why thousands of customers world-wide agree LOCOLINC is the most capable, most user friendly, most reliable system on the market.

    It just doesn't get any easier than LOCOLINC!

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    Frequently asked questions about LOCOLINC

    New Products: KAP 300 Addressable Power Supply and KBC 550 Nickel Battery Charger.
    LOCOLINC literature (Open this link for a listing of downloadable literature on LOCOLINC wireless control systems and SOUNDLINC sound modules, including a price list. Acrobat Reader is requied to preview and download literature.)

    Keithco Sales and Installation Centers - Keithco products are sold at fine hobby retailers around the US and the world. This listing is limited to the names of Keithco's key regional sales and installation managers in the United States and major international sales and installation contacts.

    Frequently asked questions about SOUNDLINC

    SOUNDLINC Data Sheet (Requires Acrobat Reader to preview and download literature.)

    List of locomotives supported by SOUNDLINC Sound Modules. (Includes a list of the sound modules currently available and shipping, as well as those that are scheduled for near-term production.)

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    LOCOLINC Product Concept | Keithco, mfr. of LOCOLINC
    LOCOLINC FAQ | LOCOLINC literature
    New Products
    SOUNDLINC Data Sheet
    List of SOUNDLINC modules
    Keithco Sales/Installation Centers

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