LOCOLINC® Addressable Radio Control Systems


LOCOLINC® has been designed to provide model railroaders with a comprehensive control system for the entire layout: locomotives and accessories. LOCOLINC control systems offer the hobbyist an unprecedented level of control realism. These achievements are the result of state-of-the-art engineering design using radio frequency and microprocessor technologies not previously applied to model railroad hobby electronics.

LOCOLINC has been designed as a comprehensive control system, offering features and capabilities model railroad hobbyists have been asking for:
LOCOLINC remains the only control system for model railroad hobbyists which allows direct, wireless transmission to each locomotive and accessory on the layout. LOCOLINC controls d.c. devices, a.c. devices via solenoids or relays, and is compatible with battery packs popularly used in outdoor layouts.

LOCOLINC transmits radio frequency signals directly to the locomotive or accessory device being controlled. Unlike other control devices on the market, the LOCOLINC control system does not use the rails as the transmission medium. LOCOLINC users enjoy full freedom of movement to a distance of minimally 150 feet,without tether. Because LOCOLINC does not use the rails for transmission, gone are the tedious block layout schemes with their switching mechanisms or the tethered multi-conductor bus and layout wiring schemes with their endless tangles of expensive wiring.

The hand-held LOCOLINC transmitter features a 10-key pad and mode and direction switches for entering the identification (ID) number and the instruction to the device being addressed. In locomotive mode, "LOCO", a two-digit ID number, preprogrammed by the user, selects the locomotive to receive the transmission. This number appears as the first and second digits on the transmitter's LCD display. Up and down buttons are depressed to increase or decrease speed. Speed is displayed as the third digit and represents percent of full throttle. A "2", for example, indicates 20% of full power -- much like a microwave oven setting. A direction switch is toggled left or right to change direction of the locomotive. An "EMERGENCY" setting on the mode switch cancels instructions to all locomotives under control and brings them to a rolling stop. Locomotive receivers are available in 1 Amp, 2 Amp, and 5 Amp current ratings, and a dual servo driver for such devices as live steam.

In accessory mode, "ACC", the LOCOLINC transmitter sends signals to an identified accessory receiver. Accessory receivers are available to control twin-coil switch machines, motor-driven turnouts, and logic devices. When addressing an accessory device, the user enters the preprogrammed two-digit receiver ID number and the third individual device number. These numbers are displayed on the LCD. Direction is changed by the up and down buttons.

The LOCOLINC transmitter transmits only at the instant a change of state instruction is given. It does not transmit continuously as is the case for many model aircraft and vehicle controllers. Each LOCOLINC locomotive receiver retains speed and direction information in memory until it is changed. The hobbyist is free to proceed in controlling the other locomotives and accessories on the layout.

LOCOLINC addressable radio control system features and capabilities include:
       Transmitter   Max.#     Max.#     # MU'ed	# Sets 
       Model Number  Loco-     Access-   Trains(1)  Dispatcher 
	                 motives   ories                Switched

	    KT-16         16         64          3          1
	    KT-32         32        128          3          2
	    KT-64         64        256          5          4
(1) Each train consists of up to 4 locomotives.
(2) Each set of "Dispatcher Switched" turnouts consist of up to 4 turnouts.
LOCOLINC is patented and the recipient of two industrial design awards. LOCOLINC control systems have been shipped since September, 1992.

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