Frequently asked questions - Series 200

1. Does the Series 200 work with older LOCOLINC receivers?

2. What must I do to use the older receivers?
Remove the old RF receiver and replace with the new KCM16 Converter Module.

3. How many locomotives can the Series 200 Commander handle?
Eight simultaneously; more than eight using a router.

4. Is there any special setup procedure necessary to operate the locos?

5. What is device discovery?
The transmitter automatically displays the devices available for operation.

6. How do I identify my locomotives? Can I give them special names?
You can name the devices with any alpha numeric designation you wish.

7. What about the receiver address on the current receiver?
Simply use the edit function on the Commander to enter the address.

8. I have a non-Keithco sound system. Will it work with the 200 Series?
Yes, not a problem. The bell, horn and mute functions correspond to the 8, 9, and 7 buttons.

9. I have been operating turnouts with LOCOLINC. Can I still do so?
Yes, however, by using the new accessory receivers which have greater capability.