The LOCOLINC 200 Series
of wireless products represents perhaps the most advanced and innovative technology for the model railroad community available today. The Locolinc 200 Series product family, based on 2.4Ghz through a unique WiFi implementation scheme, allows the user to develop a comprehensive network to control the layout. The system automatically discovers devices to be controlled on the layout. Each devise is a uniquely identified part of the network. They can be locomotives or accessory devices. This eliminates the need for cumbersome setup formatting for operation. Automatic Device Discovery represents the most user friendly system on the market.
The original Locolinc family was designed with a modular approach in mind. That is a typical locomotive receiver consists of an RF receiver and a control board. The design of the Locolinc Series 200 allows existing systems a convenient compatible path of operation by using a unique converter module to replace the RF receiver.
The control unit, commander or transmitter, housed in a small handheld enclosure, consists of several special function keys which allow for easy control and identification of locomotives and accessory devices. When controlling a locomotive it is easy to operate functions associated with speed or with a sound system: bell, whistle, engine RPM, plus additional features such as sound volume, muting, and auto chuff.
Also, the special function keys allow the user to easily name locomotives in the users inventory, thus making it very simple to scroll through a list of locomotives during an operating session.
Accessory devices can be easily identified and controlled using these same special function keys, giving the user unlimited ease and discretion when choosing turnouts, lights, or other layout devices.