Series 200 Quick Installation Guide

1. Install the converter in the locomotive and supply power. The blue LED flashes on the converter module.

2. Turn on the Controller and see the following display: Disconnect select engine.

3. Press the engine button. In about 15-20 seconds the factory converter ID will appear.

4. To change the name begin by pressing Edit. Then use the left and right buttons to position the cursor on the first letter of the new ID. Press ABC and use the up/dn buttons to scroll through the alphabet to create a new name. Use the right buttons to position the cursor as the name is created. Also delete any portions of the factory ID not wanted. If numbers are needed, simply select the 123 button when creating the name. After the correct new name is created press enter to save.

5. Press the addr button to enter the address of the locomotive. Use the left and right buttons to enter the numbers. When address is correct, press enter.

6. Now select mspd to enter the minimum speed number. Use the up/dn buttons to enter the number Press enter when finished.

7. When the name, addr and mspd are correct, press the engine button to begin operating the locomotive.

8. Remember to initialize SOUNDLINC by selecting sound, then hold the bell button for 10 seconds and release.