Frequently asked questions about SOUNDLINC

1. Does SOUNDLINC work only with LOCOLINC?
Yes. SOUNDLINC was designed to work only with 100 or 200 Series receivers.

2. Will SOUNDLINC work with older locomotive receivers?

3. Does SOUNDLINC require an optoisolator for installation?

4. Does SOUNDLINC require changes to the transmitter?
With the KT-100 Series Transmitters, yes. Using the 200 Series Commander, no.

5. Does SOUNDLINC use synthesized sound?
No. All sounds are based on actual digital recordings of actual locomotives.

6. Does SOUNDLINC produce only one sound at a time?
No. SOUNDLINC produces multiple sounds, much like a real locomotive.

7. Does SOUNDLINC offer both steam and diesel sound modules?
Yes. Click here for a list of SOUNDLINC Sound Modules.

8. Does SOUNDLINC require an external battery?

9. Which gauges does SOUNDLINC support?
All gauges, including HO.

10. Is SOUNDLINC DCC compatible?
No. SOUNDLINC has been designed to wok only with LOCOLINC wireless systems.

11. Does SOUNDLINC use the existing keypad on the transmitter?

12. Does the diesel module have 8 throttle switches?

13. Does SOUNDLINC have remote volume control?